About Us

Nora Bohanon

I’m a property manager just like you, not a software engineer. I found Ontraport when I was struggling to document and automate my workflows and find a solution for my business. The virtual assistants I had at the time were causing issues, unnecessary stress, and costing me money by losing clients when they weren’t consistent, forgot to email key correspondence, and made mistakes.

I spent a lot of time, money, and energy getting Ontraport tailored to my property management business. I thought that if I could help others get setup without having to go through what I did then it could be a win-win situation. While Ontraport is one of the easier software to use that has the type of advanced features it does, it still took some time learning it and figuring out how it could hep me with property management.

I’m here to offer you template workflows that I’ve built for my own property management company that hopefully with just a little effort you can tweak to fit yours. I’m a certified consultant with Ontraport and I get paid when you sign up and use the software. You don’t pay more, Ontraport pays me for introducing you to their software.

If you need help customizing the templates, my team and I can also help with that for a one-time nominal fee. As another side option, we have ongoing monthly maintenance packages if you want experts who can add new workflows and tweak your existing workflows whenever you need without you or a staff member needing to become an Ontraport expert.


Susan Goulding

Crown Key Realty
Tracy, CA

"This takes the day to day stuff off my plate so I can focus on the fires that inevitably happen when I least expect in property management and real estate sales. Ontraport is like an assistant that never complains, calls in sick, forgets something, or asks for a raise."

Lisa Zeller

Easy Street Realty
Phoenix, AZ

"I had tenants who wanted to renew but by the time I typed up the lease they changed their mind so I lost tenants due to being slow. Not anymore! As soon as tenants indicate they want to renew, a lease gets typed up and sent automatically for them to sign!"

John Rennie

Property Management of Southern California
Laguna Niguel, CA

"I had assistants send out renewal emails and type up leases which I had to personally review for mistakes. Now that I have Ontraport, they can spend time on marketing for new business and I don't have to review anything since the software doesn't make mistakes!"