Automate Your Property Management Business.

Use technology to automate your property management workflows. From lease renewals, work orders, leasing, new leads…software can send emails and texts from your company and assign tasks to your team, automatically. 


Who am I and why am I talking about Ontraport?

I’m a property manager just like you, not a software engineer. I discovered Ontraport when I was struggling to document and automate my processes and find a solution for my business. I was having issues with virtual assistants and they were costing me time and money. They weren’t consistent and would forget to send important emails so I lost clients and my business suffered.

While there are many software that will create a checklist for your team or fire off an initial email based around a date, there were none that I found that could actually send out the emails and texts and were flexible enough to do it based on multiple types of triggers (receiving a response from someone AND based around dates) without a person needing to be involved. Another feature of Ontraport, is different correspondence can go to different types of contacts (i.e. tenants, owners, vendors) within a workflow automatically.

Once I found Ontraport, I spent a lot of time and money tailoring Ontraport to my property management business. I thought that if I could help others get set up without having to go through what I did then it could be a win-win situation.


While Ontraport is one of the easier software to use that has the advanced features it does, it took quite some time figuring out how I could tailor it to property management.

I’m here to offer you template workflows that I’ve built for my own property management company that hopefully with just a little effort you can tweak to fit yours. I’m a certified consultant with Ontraport and I get paid when you sign up and use the software. You pay the same price whether you sign up through me or not, Ontraport pays me for introducing you to their software.

If you need help customizing the templates, my team and I can also help with that for a one-time nominal fee. As another side option, we have ongoing monthly maintenance packages if you want experts who can add new workflows and tweak your existing workflows whenever you need without you or a staff member who needs to become an Ontraport expert since as a small business owner, I know that our business is ever-changing.


Workflow Automation


Map out and track each and every process for your business. Have certain actions or dates trigger workflows. Client responses and actions act as triggers as well.


Emails are automatically sent to tenants, owners, and vendors. The workflow can go down a different path or a new workflow can automatically be started depending on the responses. 


Text to ensure contacts don’t miss important communication due to an email address not being updated. Communicate with vendors who are in the field by text and allow them to accept to decline work orders via text.


Occasionally, something needs to be done by a person. Assign tasks to anyone (do not need to be users) and receive notification when tasks are completed or if they’re not.

Landing Pages

Design unlimited landing pages using an easy drag and drop editor. Stunning templates are included for free to get you started and more are available for a minimal charge.


Want to have paperwork automatically generated and sent for digital signatures? Gifts sent to new clients? Voicemails sent within the workflows? Anything is possible via the open API.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Automation

There are many benefits but here are a few…

Property management is typically a very labor-intensive service business with a lot of back and forth communication. Are you sending everything you should be to everyone when you should be? If not, consider automation.

Be consistent

Reduce liability

Happier clients who don't need to follow up with you

Minimize routine items falling through cracks

Allow more time to focus on non-routine issues

Save money by saving time

Save money by making less mistakes

Make money by being a rock star property manager and get more referrals


Have a renewal workflow kickoff automatically a certain period of time before the lease end date. Personalized and customized emails and texts can automatically be sent to the owner to see if he/she wants to renew the lease.

Once the owner responds, a workflow can automatically start to the tenants to see if they want to renew. Once the tenants respond, the owner can be notified and a task can be assigned to staff to type up a new lease or renewal (or automatically generated through an integration).

Work Orders

Tenants submit work orders through a form on your website. Once the form is submitted, they’ll receive confirmation and either a task to assign a vendor can be sent to you or someone on your team or a vendor can automatically be assigned to the task based on your business and the issue the tenant noted on the form.

Emails and texts are automatically sent to the vendor asking him to accept or decline. The vendor doesn’t need to login, just click a link in an email or respond to a text. If the vendor fails to accept after a certain period of time or if the vendor declines the work order, another task can be generated to assign a new vendor or a new vendor can automatically be assigned and followed up with.

Once a vendor accepts, contact information for the tenant is automatically sent. The vendor can schedule through a link to a two-question form (date and time) and confirmations and reminders can be sent automatically to both the vendor and tenant.

Late Rent

Automatically send emails and texts to the tenants following up on their rent. At a certain point, notify the owner and/or process server to start the eviction process.

Merge Fields

Merge fields are a way you can customize your emails. Basic customization that most software will do is have certain fields like the contact’s name, etc. In Ontrapot, any field can be added to an email. 

Merge fields can provide different information regarding properties to tenants who are moving in our out. If there are association requirements or different utility companies then merge fields are a way to put unique information for each property into emails in the move in out workflows.

Landing Pages

Design landing pages or small websites for your business or properties. Ontraport comes with many beautiful templates that you can easily customize using their drag and drop editor. 

Ideal for side businesses like real estate sales, home staging, home inspections, handyman business.

You can also use landing pages to target certain types of clients such as short-term rental owners, homeowner associations, or overseas investors.

Lastly, you can use it to market your current rental or sales listing making your company stand out to owners from others by having superior marketing for their property.


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